thegreatpandini replied to your post: i geef up

I’m sure they forgive you. XD And yes, phone Tumblr sucks. ._.

I don’t know man, I wouldn’t forgive me :( no, jk, but yeah I just felt really dumb haha.
you have problems with it too? let’s stick to the old skool computah ways 8-)

thegreatpandini replied to your post: america is only about a month away i feel sick. 

You’re coming to America? =o

Yeah love! I got a job there for a couple of months, near Washington D.C, I go on june 1st (assuming that everything works out with getting a visa and all that. if it doesn’t i’m gonna look like a dumbass)
Come see me? Roadtrip! It’s only a 10 hour drive according to google maps lol.

thegreatpandini replied to your post: no internet at home, fuck this shit

Malaka I miss youuuuuuu

I have no idea how I didn’t see this until just now :( Anna, I miss yoooouuuu too! What are you up to?